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It is interesting, what history tells about 'The Phoenix'. It is a mythical bird which lives on its own as long as it wants. And then, it builds a golden nest at the peak of a mountain where no one can reach. When it decides to end its life, it burns down its nest and fiercely ignites itself. There is no pain, there is no cry, except a beautiful song. And Gentlemen, that is not the end. A new phoenix is born from the ashes. It gets a new life which is almost immortal. With a fire in the eyes, power in the wings, it screams aloud and starts its journey again afresh. 
A phoenix is a symbol of rebirth. It feels good to read about phoenix. How better it would be to live like a Phoenix?
 If you can make one heap of all your winnings, burn them in a single blow and never breathe a word of loss, my dear, your's is the world and everything in it.

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