Saturday, April 26, 2014

A Four Lettered Word

No love letter has ever expressed love heart and soul. This one is no exception. A love letter is written when the soul is in its purest form. Such words are beautiful and born after a series of painful stages and emotions. When in love, even a poet struggles for words, a journalist suffocates for sentences, an artist finds it hard to explain.

I am an ordinary man with common worries about elections, CSK, ticketgoose advertisement, labour day holiday etc. Still, I decided to write a love letter. A letter to whom?  It doesn't matter now. I am just happy drafting this letter. When happiness comes from the soul, it makes you believe that it is a perfect time to write about love. May be, I have to go through a series of emotional stages as well.

Writing a love letter needs a lot of patience. It needs patience of a Gold fish and calmness of MSD. It is already hard for me to put words together and make the letter look and feel like a love letter.  The choice of words is very important. So, I deliberately chose sovereign words for a majestic proposal. The letter should be special, because I am writing it for the person I love. The person whom I have loved for a billion years ever since she was born or even before I knew she existed.

I picked a card with White and Rose combination of colors. I guess, those are her favorite colours. Like resistors, something was stopping the flow of words. All that flowing in my mind was protons, electrons, Voltmeter, Ammeter, Faraday, Ohms, AC, DC, EMF and few other electronic terms that I came across a few years back. All my thoughts logically come to a stop at this four lettered word. 

The thought circuit often got jammed. The generator that converts love to words got unplugged while I was thinking. May be, I was thinking too much too fast.  All I remember now is the four lettered word. With only one word in mind for a fortnight, it would take years to complete the letter.  But, why should I feel so compelling to complete it? I need not rush to post it. I have all the time to go over what I have already written and rewrite it again and again. While rewriting the 31st time, I wondered, if I really need words to finish the letter.

Love is the soul of the world. It is a language that does not have words. Everyone on earth is capable of comprehending it in their heart. It would be splendid to write a letter in a language that does not need words. In the language of words, I stopped the letter with "I Love You".  In the language of love, I will continue to write in my heart, everyday, every second. She can read through my eyes and understand what my heart articulates instantly. I am certain that she can feel my love now even when she is several hundred kilometers away. She does, when she smiles.