Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Chasing the Wheels

Roxy - A different name. A different dog. Roxy is so different than any other dog I have ever seen. Not many dogs like you when you look straight in their eyes a little longer than usual, especially when you are a stranger to them. But, my Roxy, she did not react that way. She was all calm, walked slowly to me. As I bent down, that friendly look in her wet eyes, it told me something, which I did not understand then.

First time, I met Roxy on a tea shop near my house.  You can find her on a small sand dune by the side of the shop and below a Neem tree. Everytime I go for tea, Roxy would come jumping on me. Roxy had good number of friends who are all customers for the tea shop. I must say, Roxy is a crazy dog too. She was happy, sad and crazy sometimes. When she was happy, she was on the dune. When she was sad, she was on the dune. When she was crazy, she was chasing the speeding cars.

In the beginning, it was fun to watch Roxy chasing all the speeding cars. Mostly they were cabs for big IT companies. Some cabs slow down after seeing Roxy running madly chasing the wheels. Some cabs outran Roxy with no care.  After every chase, she will go to the dune and lie down quietly. She won't even come for biscuits.  'She never learns. She always does that' - sighed the tea shop owner.  Roxy has an extremely painful story behind her wet eyes, he added.

'Two years before, Roxy had a small family of two puppies.  They were beautiful and playful all the time. They were taken care well by the nearby Auto Stand drivers and tea shop customers. After three months, one fine morning, the puppies were run over by a speeding car. It all happened in a fraction of second. Roxy's joyful world turned upside down. No one could do anything but to mourn Roxy's loss. Roxy took the remains of the puppies and buried under the Neem tree, where there is sand dune now.  She did not have any food for three or four days', said the tea shop owner.

I looked at Roxy and called her. She did not come. May be she knew that I know her other side now. 'More than two years and she is still chasing cars', I said with a disappointed and low tone. 'They are not humans. With them, love and memories are forever', replied the tea shop owner.  Sitting on the dune with Roxy, I understand what that look in her eyes means.  It's a look of a painful heart, a soul deeply locked in agony. She still chases the cars. May be she did not want others to lose their family and feel what she feels.

How would it feel to stand on the dunes stained by the blood of your own family? Could you forget and move on with life? Ladies & Gentlemen, your passion for driving fast and thrill for speed could cost someone their life. Yes. They are street dogs. They don't know your rules. But they have a family and life too. Would you drive fast, if you know your kids are playing on the roads? Please be little more watchful on the roads for dogs, goats, other animals and pets.

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