Thursday, February 7, 2013

What's in a name?

What's in a name?  The answer is 'Everything'. It is more than love, life and eternity. Though I have known this name for just three months, it feels like, I have lived with it for a very long time. So, it has grown like a story. It's everything that comes between heaven and hell. It is salvation with no regrets. At the same time, it is grief to death. It's a war and dance. It's a game of chance.  It's a name that had silence and peace. It's a name that carried reminiscence of love.

What's my obsession with this name? She had no face, no voice, no eyes. Yet, she had a name which tells tale signs and love science. It was me just enchanting the name 1052 times a day. Every time I pronounced the name, it generated a passionate sentiment in me.  It is the weirdest and purest thing. It is like, when you say 'Rose', you instantly feel the fragrance of it. Most of the time, one letter was enough to remind me of the name. It's the alphabet that gives the feeling of oneness. It's the alphabet that brought victories to  leaders.

This beautiful name has a lot of vowels in it. One good thing about having a vowel at the end of name is, it will help you scream till you run out of your breath.  I heard all the songs, downloaded all the movies and went through all the streets that had her name. I wrote her name on sands of beaches, breakfast sandwiches, Switzerland watches and my foggy glasses. Her smile, her honesty, her paintings, I am not sure whether they add beauty to her. I certainly know, her name does.

This is the part I hate the most. My heart light up like road flares when someone else call her name when I could not.  She may not be mine tomorrow. May be, today is the last time I see her as my girl. There is no place I can go and live without remembering her name. When I do hear her name or see it, all I can do is smile and say to myself, 'Yes. that's my favorite name'.

This name I cherish is my home, my world, a place I belong and I am going to hold to it. It may sound silly or childish, but it is part of something more, something greater that makes me feel good.  If I could live this life again, I would not forget this name. It is worth telling it a billion times. It will be perfect, if I write down the name right now, right here in four different languages that she speaks. But, I know, you would be insulted, if I tell that it's my grandmother's name. So, I leave that up to you to keep guessing :)

With Love,