Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Born After 98 Days

Birthdays are special. I never felt it that way, until one day, I heard her say that. 'Happy Birthday' - She was wishing her friend over the phone. There was so much happiness on her face, when she repeatedly said the word 'Happy'. I echoed the word 'Happy' three times within my heart. I didn't feel any happiness but felt some madness. Like bullets, her words went through my head. It was one of the craziest thing that happened in my life. Year 2010!! It was a year full of craziness. Almost 300 days, i was running...running for a date - to find a date - her date of birth.

Who is she? What is her name? Nothing mattered to me. When could be her birthday? That was the thought on my mind. In movies, when the hero first meets his girl, he would be either petrified for a moment or may be he will fall in love. It didn't happen to me that way. I was just enjoying that moment of craziness on the lift. There were two other people on the lift. One guy, he had a flute on his hand, singing some tea shop song. The other guy with round neck t-shirt tied upto his neck was holding a heavy book.  He was taking the book from one of his office locations to other and then to another for his so called 'just friend'. She continued to talk without bothering to notice any of us listening her.

Everyone goes crazy once in a while. It was my turn on March 3rd, 2010. Some people are good at doing crazy things and some are good at making others go crazy. And, she is the best in doing them both at the same time. I remember every minute, every second of that day. She talked about the gifts she thought of buying, about her plans for a surprise party, about mimicing her voice over the phone, etc etc. Even now, I wonder, how she managed to talk so much in the little time, in which the lift started from ground floor and reached fifth floor. May be, it was her new iPhone 3GS that drove her crazy that time.

Playing on the phone while talking, she stepped out at fifth floor. My eyes impulsively followed her. I was petrified by the momentary silence that she is gone. The guys, we looked at each other and had a quick smile. With a whiff in the air loaded with sandal scent, she came back to the lift and said 'Sorry guys, I thought it is sixth floor.'. I was overjoyed to see her again, to hear her voice and most importantly for having seen her name. It gave me a double leap of faith to find her birthday. After a few minutes, i got other details about her, like,  her native, the 9842 Aircel Tamil Nadu number she is using, possible year of graduation and of course possible year of birth. Her name looked beautiful in the simple Times New Romantic font on the email client. But, how to find her date of birth? It is not easy but not difficult too. What would I do, after finding her date of birth? I didn't have all these crazy questions on mind then.

I searched her in Orkut for a week and then for a month. I got an email from GMail team. They congratulated me as though I was the only person using Orkut and then I stopped. I saw the same iPhone girl after two months and it reminded me of my goal 2010 which is to find her DOB. I joined facebook and linkedIn with only one idea in mind, may be a crazy idea. The name combination search did not work out. Google could not find her. May be she is hiding behind some special names or name in her regional language, I thought. With some ground efforts, I found her profile on one of the social networking site. Her profile picture said 'You don't find me. I find you - Love'. 'Oh Yes Baby, I found you', I cheered myself. The heart started to jump like it had a quake and the blood stream went to head like Tsunami waves.

With such height of craziness, i even got an idea to get into her network and find her birthday. I knew, it was a bad idea. I thought for a month whether to do it or not. Finally, with lot of courage I did it and found her birthday too. Yahoo!! She was born after 98 days. What is this 98 days and from when? How did I find her birthday? If you have such questions in your mind for me, just hold on. This article is specially meant for you and to give you an important message. Repeat the following words after me. "There is no answer for craziness", and "No reasons are required to be crazy". Still don't get it huh? It's just a crazy post, I say. Good day fellas.

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