Saturday, February 12, 2011

வாடி கருப்பட்டி

உருகி உருகி காதலிச்சும் 
ஏனோ உனக்கு புரியவில்ல 
இறுகிப்போன எனது நெஞ்சும் 
சொன்ன பேச்சு கேட்பதில்ல 

காதலிலே ஜெயிச்ச கூட்டம் 
உருப்பட்டதா செய்தி இல்ல 
உருப்படாத நாம மட்டும் 
காதலிச்சா தப்பே இல்ல 

காதல் கோவில் போகலாம் 
கல்யாண தீபம் ஏற்றலாம்
குழந்தைக்கு பள்ளிக்கூடம்  தேடலாம் 
வெள்ளி கொலுசு வாங்கலாம்

அச்சம், மடம், நாணம் 
நம் காதலுக்கு வேணாம் 
காசு, பணம், சோகம் 
நம் வாழ்க்கைக்கு வேணாம் 

மச்சுவீடும் கட்டி தாரேன் 
மதுரைக்கும் கூட்டி போறேன் 
அம்புட்டு தூரம் வேண்டாமுனா 
(வாடி.... கருப்பட்டி....)
காபி கிளப் போகலாம் :)

PS: This is not a love poem. But, it is a poem about love, written for the famous 'Karuppatti Kaappi Klub' - Dedicated to the founder Mr.Arun Priyan and Co-Founder Mr.Kumar alais Prakash

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

The Killer In You

Mr.Prodigy could you stop tabbing through different windows and listen for a minute. Otherwise, I will have to punch on your face with my fist and say ‘Listen’. After all, who cares for your life? I am not the tiger you see on the screen. But, I suggest you to take a close look at the eyes of the tiger. If you are at work, don’t bother about the people who keep passing by your seat. They are not the ones who is going to laugh at you. The entire world is awaiting to laugh at you. Trust me, they don’t care. Not one bit. If you are home, don’t think you are safe and have a handle on life. I can break it.

I know you are a sentimental meat with flesh and blood and with different egos. Huh.. ho..I am not here to hurt either your sentiments or ego. Come out of your negative space and try to co-operate. I am here with a purpose. Alright. I care for you. OKAY.. I care for you. Not because, you really cared for me. Not because, you cared for the tigers. I guess, you remember the messages that you forwarded to your friends "Save Tigers.. Only 1411 left... Well.. Well.. that sounds funny. But, I am not laughing. Look at you. The killer is in front of you. Who is going to save you? Don’t think about your friends. Don’t. They can save you from being murdered on Facebook. Your friends don’t have a clue about what you are going through right now. You heard me clearly, dude.

Your friends...Aah.. They are really as crazy as you are. They forwarded you in return a different message "Save our Girls.. Only 842 girls for 1000 boys. You can save tigers later". It makes terrific sense. Isn’t it? You laughed like a hell on seeing this. You enjoyed this. No offence. I am with you here. I laughed as well. Messages and jokes apart, I am not asking you to save the tigers or those objects of affection or the tamilnadu fishermen. Dhoni or Surya will take care of them. All I am asking you is to save Yourself. Do you get what i say? Now... think. How are you going to save yourself? The killer is very close to you. In fact, the killer is in you.

Don’t you think you have to be careful about your life all the time. I wonder you guys really have a heart that can cherish life every moment. All you got is a tiny pumping machine beating with a gloomed tune. It can stop anytime. You don’t need a tiger or an one side love that failed consequently to kill you. You are strong, stubborn, intelligent, highly respected. The problem is ‘you are careless’. You always run in a hurry with your eyes shut. To the point, you haven’t yet realized that your life is the greatest gift you have got in your hands. Your life is also the most precious one which you would never get again, if you choose to lose it.

Now take a breathe and look around you. Could you please stop reading this crap for a while? When I say, look around, I literally mean, you have to physically turn your head and look around. There is no tiger. There are no junk guys. Alright. You are all by yourself, safely seated on a comfortable chair. You are listening to one of your very own egos now. Okay. The killer is not the tiger. The killer is... your recklessness. Did you hear what your ego say? Your carelessness will kill you. It will kill you, when you are most needed by your friends and family. Now you are paying attention. Good. You are strong but you can be beaten. You are stubborn but your skull can be crushed. Your intelligence will be a sad joke, when your brain is scatterred on the road. Your life will be as miserable as an unappreciated sarcasm. Don’t get yourself killed on road accidents. SAVE YOU.

Will you care to wear a helmet when riding a bike? Will you wear seat belt when going on a car? Will you rush your blood to catch a running bus anymore? Will you dare to overspeed and violate traffic rules? Will you care less to lie on the arms of your loved ones than to get laid on the middle of the road because you were too mad in love and talking on the phone while crossing a busy road? Oops... if you are reading all this while on the road, on your smart phone, please Dial ‘M’. Your call will be attended by devils headed on your way.

Disclaimer: Mr.Prodigy, I am sorry. Seriously, I mean it. Your ego did not give you the respect you deserve at some places above. It is your ego, your mind, your business. I do not care, not anymore, Sir.