Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Sunset - Lovely Moments

You don't move, You glide.
You are the color of Honey
With you my life is complete
I Love You...i10
I Love you... My Sun

Magnetic power in one eye
Electric power in the other
You spread the spectrum of Love,
Your vision illuminates my soul
Life is just beautiful...
When you are before my Eyes.

You came like a Golden Yellow Star
With a smile passioned on your face.
Rains of pain and pleasure gently pattered,
I stood with my senses simply shattered

If clouds were to be blown away
If stars were to be thrown away,
If moon has to be moved away,
Sky will still look heavenly,
With your Silhouette of Love shining brightly

When your scattering rays are around
Loneliness will never surround

When you were gone,
You took my wishes and desires.
You promised me a future..
And, I cursed you in the darkness.
Yet, your memories hold life's goodness.

Sometimes in the evening,
Under the starry sky,
You remind me of my Well-Wisher.
Yes, you just stay far away...
And never reply to my wishes.

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