Thursday, October 29, 2009

Fireworks - Festival Of Flames

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Learning from Cities - Crazy Chennai

Be Careful On Roads:
City Roads are always busy. Not only busy with Share Autos, Two-wheelers, Cars, Buses but also with Ambulances, Fire Engines and vehicles of Police and politicians. The traffic signals might go off sometime but traffic will always be there. Two years before, it was getting late for me on a Monday Morning to catch the office bus. After a few minutes walk, I saw the bus moving towards the bus stop. I started to run through the streets, reached the main road. I saw two police men running towards me. They held me by hand and we stood still on the median. Within a few seconds I came to knew, that Chief Minister's car was passing by. The police warned me not to run like a mad man on roads and told they wont even hesitate to fire people who come running towards the CM's car. Don't ever, ever, cross any road in a hurry.

Stay Awake, Stay Alert:
In Chennai, whereever you are, you are close to what you need. You can go anywhere, go anytime. NOW is the right time, perfectly suits City Life. Beware when you are in public place. At every tick of a second, there will be thousand eyes watching you. There are people waiting with an eagle eye to prey on those who are fearful. All newspapers, they give terrifying news everyday. Your reclessness or ignorance may not get you into trouble, but might put some one else, could be your friends into trouble. Nobody is born only to help others. Politicians, police, doctors, advocates... nah.. none of them. Everybody is busy with their plans and work. Help people in their need whenever you can and in whatever way possible for you. Remember, delayed justice is injustice.

Love the noises of Life:
City life is full of noises. Silence is not found in temples, parks or during your morning walks. You can find the silence in you only when you start to love the noises outside. The auto drivers, they never stop asking Rs.10/- extra. The watchmen at common parking areas, it would be festival time for them throughout the year and they claim their right for special tips. The sales representatives they dont ever bother to wake you up on a Sunday afternoon. The Credit Card girls, they keep your mobile ringing during your office hours. The unknown, yet all powerful advertisers, they track your mobile and keeping sending SMS even during the late hours at night. Life will become tiringly awful and dull, if you want to stop all these noises. Learn to Love all beautiful chorus of noises.

Happiness wins the Race:
People from different parts of the country, they move or migrate to cities to earn money. City life redefines the standards of expectations, money and happiness. We love to spend our hard earned money in star hotels, cinemas, malls. Money is definitely not happiness. But, it aids to a small extent to bring happiness. Say, our expectation is to see a movie. The ticket fare could be either 50, 80 or 140. What if we dont get the tickets? Most of the time, we wont come back. We wont think of saving money. We wont allow our expectations to get hurt. we will pay extra 50 or 100 and get the tickets. People work hard to save money and play hard to lose money. In the end, 'it's NOT all about Money, honey'. Dont have money as priority in life. Be happy in all the way you can and thereby spread happiness. Happiness is what we live for.

Life is balanced:
Whatsoever you do in the name of love, howsoever tasty be the food you eat, whereever be the place you roam, Whomsoever be the friend you have, Howsoever happy you pretend to be, there comes a minute in a day that sweeps off all the happiness in you and make them vanish into thin air. The minute that reminds you are far away from 'A Place called Home' and leaves a profound sadness in heart. The place where you felt happy, it would become more drab and empty. If you are lucky enough to stay at home with your parents, you will have something else to look for or worry about. There will not be completeness at any point of time. We have to live with it. For every dream we chase, we have to pay the price. Reality is different from dreams. Nobody gets everything.. not even God. Giving and forgiving, getting and forgetting, choosing and losing, they are balanced in LIFE ever and forever.

Friday, October 2, 2009

வானம் வண்ணத்தில் குளிக்கிறதே!

வானம் எங்கும் பறந்தாலும்
பறவை என்றும் தன் கூட்டில்
உலகம் எங்கும் திரிந்தாலும்
தமிழன் என்றும் தாய் நாட்டில்
- Desam

வானம் உள்ள வரைக்கும்
இந்த வானவில் உன்னுடன் இருக்கும்
நீயே சொல்லும் வரைக்கும்
என் காதலும் காத்து கிடக்கும்
- Raman Thediya Seedhai

தோடுவானம் சிவந்து போகும்
தொலை தூரம் குறைந்து போகும்
கரைகின்ற நொடிகளில்
நான் நெருங்கி வந்தேனே
- Vaaranam Aayiram

வானம் எங்கும் உன் பிம்பம்
ஆனால் கையில் சேரவில்லை
காற்றில் எங்கும் உன் வாசம்
வெறும் சுவாசம் வாழ்க்கை இல்லை
- Uyirey

வானம் போலே
வாழ்க்கை இருந்தும்
அதில் ஒரு நிலவாய்……….
நீ ஏன் இல்லை ?
- Kadhal Virus

தொலைவினிலே வானம்
தரை மேல் நானும்
தொடும் ஆசைகள்
சிறகினை விரிக்குதே
- Kodeeswaran

செவ்வானம் வெட்க்கம் கொண்டது யாராலே
சங்கீதம் மூங்கிலில் வந்தது யாராலே
சுற்றும் பூமியில் இன்பம்
கொட்டி கிடக்கிறது
- Poovellam Kettuppar

வானத்தில் இருக்கும்
வட்ட தோசைய பாரு
சுட்டது யாரு….
அது நிலவுன்னு பேரு :)
- Bagavathi