Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Comedies of Life

Goals are a serious comedy when you are convinced that you have NO future. They are just a form of blackmail to our conscious and subconscious minds. You do this, you follow this, you achieve this and you will get this. Little by little they enslave our actions, thoughts and freedom. We try to move heaven and earth to achieve our goals. They become a trouble to us even in our dreams. "Dream about the future but dont forget the present. Live it".

Criminals are a comedy. They mock society's laws. The society - you, me, your friends, my friends - whoever is part of the society, we prepare the crime. The criminal is the one who gets caught and punished. Crimes are happening everywhere. People outside the prison are equally as bad as those inside the prison and some are even worser than them. It's not the morals, practices or some super natural power that differentiates good and bad. It is LUCK. As long as our criminal actions do not get into the eyes of our supervisor we are 'Lucky'. "Be Good than Lucky".

The society itself is a dark comedy. It is classified and organized based on the class of animals living ... like dogs, cats, humans etc. Every society has a belief system and a culture which laughs at others. People are busy discovering their talents and finding faults with others. The entire society laughs at someone else's expense. Even at times when we know that it would hurt someone, for the sake of democratic society we laugh. Living in such a society is not a laughing matter though. Cry or Laugh but be the change the society needs.

Love is a funny comedy that is loved by all. People laugh when they are in love. They laugh together and when they are separated the society laughs at them. Still those who loved, they continue to laugh, laugh at themselves even when they are wretchedly alone. We all believe in a patently absurd and a complete lie that 'Love never fails'. Though there a number of classified relations between people, the word 'Failure' best fits with Love. The phrase 'Love Failure' is famous right from the time when God said, "Let there be Light". If you have the courage to accept a voluntary enslavement with a smile that is not dimmed by tears, Love gives you Freedom. - Live Free or Love till you die.

Of all the existing comedies in the universe, the best of them is TIME. We are all busy in saving and losing time. Even if we save time, can we get the same time back? Time just ticks on at the rate of one second per second. Time is not a doctor to heal wounds. It shows us the same world in different ways- Past, Present and Future. Days, Nights, Rains, Sun, Clouds, Seasons, Birth, Death, September they are all identical. We only need to understand that everything happens within us. Time always offers us two choices. One is what we choose and the other one is what we long for. We are responsible for what we are now. - Cherish your life. Live every moment.

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