Saturday, September 26, 2009

Sky - Unlimitted

If I could reach up and hold a star for every time you've made me smile, the entire evening sky would be in the palm of my hand.

My life is like the summer rose That opens to the morning sky

In the sky, there is no distinction of east and west. People created it out of their own mind.

We all live under the same sky, but we don't all have the same horizon

All I need is my one star in the sky, to wish for you everyday.

I saw a star, I reached for it, and I missed. So I accepted the sky.

The way is not in the sky, it is in the heart

You don't have to travel around the world to understand that the sky is blue everywhere

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Comedies of Life

Goals are a serious comedy when you are convinced that you have NO future. They are just a form of blackmail to our conscious and subconscious minds. You do this, you follow this, you achieve this and you will get this. Little by little they enslave our actions, thoughts and freedom. We try to move heaven and earth to achieve our goals. They become a trouble to us even in our dreams. "Dream about the future but dont forget the present. Live it".

Criminals are a comedy. They mock society's laws. The society - you, me, your friends, my friends - whoever is part of the society, we prepare the crime. The criminal is the one who gets caught and punished. Crimes are happening everywhere. People outside the prison are equally as bad as those inside the prison and some are even worser than them. It's not the morals, practices or some super natural power that differentiates good and bad. It is LUCK. As long as our criminal actions do not get into the eyes of our supervisor we are 'Lucky'. "Be Good than Lucky".

The society itself is a dark comedy. It is classified and organized based on the class of animals living ... like dogs, cats, humans etc. Every society has a belief system and a culture which laughs at others. People are busy discovering their talents and finding faults with others. The entire society laughs at someone else's expense. Even at times when we know that it would hurt someone, for the sake of democratic society we laugh. Living in such a society is not a laughing matter though. Cry or Laugh but be the change the society needs.

Love is a funny comedy that is loved by all. People laugh when they are in love. They laugh together and when they are separated the society laughs at them. Still those who loved, they continue to laugh, laugh at themselves even when they are wretchedly alone. We all believe in a patently absurd and a complete lie that 'Love never fails'. Though there a number of classified relations between people, the word 'Failure' best fits with Love. The phrase 'Love Failure' is famous right from the time when God said, "Let there be Light". If you have the courage to accept a voluntary enslavement with a smile that is not dimmed by tears, Love gives you Freedom. - Live Free or Love till you die.

Of all the existing comedies in the universe, the best of them is TIME. We are all busy in saving and losing time. Even if we save time, can we get the same time back? Time just ticks on at the rate of one second per second. Time is not a doctor to heal wounds. It shows us the same world in different ways- Past, Present and Future. Days, Nights, Rains, Sun, Clouds, Seasons, Birth, Death, September they are all identical. We only need to understand that everything happens within us. Time always offers us two choices. One is what we choose and the other one is what we long for. We are responsible for what we are now. - Cherish your life. Live every moment.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Welcome to MTC

Who said diamonds are not found on the roads? MTC buses are the real diamonds on the roads. Each MTC bus is an in-house university that teaches Risks, Emotions, Lost & Found, FATE, IT and lot more. With MTC, a journey of several thousand miles begins with one cubic foot of space. Being in Chennai is being a part of MTC. If not, you are missing the charm of Chennai. Each MTC travel tells a story of 1000 tales. Some tales are long, some are short, some are never ending and a few begin and end at the same time. These are stories that are part of our very own journey called LIFE.

A bus journey in general would probably be the first place where we start taking risks courageously. By boarding or getting down from a running bus we risk our lives. Some of us might have had a complexly great fall from buses.At each stage of our life, we have to stop for sometime, we have to take some risks. Intelligence is avoiding risks and skill is taking risks. But, the greatest hazard in life is to risk nothing. Our skills automatically improve everytime we fall. MTC is where you get transformed, experience certainity and unadulterated thrill of sampling big things early.

With MTC, it is not the group of 30 people who registered always board the bus. ‘Truly Global’ may not be the right word but MTC is for everyone in Chennai. You meet different people with different emotions. Some are ‘Frustrated’ as they have taken up a dangerous job. Some are ‘Annoyed’ - because of the frequent encounters with conductors for 50 paisa change. Some are happy - as though a ton of load fell off from their shoulders. Some are bored as they had already lived that moment. Some are busy, thinking of Flat world as everything is ordained by fate and some do chatting as it is the most natural thing in the world and so on. On an average 20% of the people will be busy with their mobile phones and its ringtones. You can never get down a bus without hearing a mobile ringing or beeping once. If you are crazy about ringtones, MTC buses are the right place to get to know different and yet new ringtones. You can savour all the little emotions of people which you even can’t see in theatres.

MTC buses are obviously the hot spot where lots of Lost and Found that happens in the City. They help in fiding our way and getting lost as well. The very common things that people frequently miss in the buses are Hand Kerchiefs, hand bags, umberllas, flowers. Most of the time, these items are never claimed. The other important thing that is lost in buses is TIME. Lost time is never found again. Everybody born in this world has lost something and found something. Are you worried about the lost opportunities in Aspire? Are you Lost in searching happiness and forgot the road back to life?? Dont worry. You can find them all here.

Love which is the truest mirror of our life is carried in tonnes by these buses. That is why when you chase them, they move fast and when you are in it, you feel them going very slow. IT connects people, hearts come closer, eyes talk to eyes and that creates so much noise in the buses. With these noises in mind, even the engine of the running bus seem silent to us. For people with tormented soul, they feel the same engine hot and not so cold hearted as the ones who mercilessly chopped their heart. Considering the way the world is… no matter what, we have to keep finding the love that surrounds us. Some call this luck. Some call this FATE - Fatal and Attractive Testimony of Eyes. With MTC you can stay close but not dependant on each other.

MTC follows a Service Oriented Approach that reduces cost and their transportation systems are more flexible. The Charted Trip they run for some of the IT Companies in Chennai is one such example. They have a passion for ‘Going Green’ too. They understand the key components of partnership. The daily, weekly or monthly based bus pass plans show the power of strategic partnership MTC has with its regular commuters. Thus they help build stronger businesses for organizations within Chennai.

If you feel the oil prices are too heavy to feed your bike,
If you feel share autos are too costly to risk your life,
If you are passionate about a journey in rain or heat,
If you are obsessed to meet and greet, the person next seat…..

Welcome to MTC.