Friday, May 15, 2009

Life at Marina - A Hopeless Fairy Tale

The mystery is in its last page. Yes Sir. I am falling down, flying towards my final destination, flying hopelessly. There is no control. I have crossed The Point Of No Return. I am only left with a few wishes and a few minutes to recollect them before I lose my consciousness.

I am not your type. Definitely not, even if i would like to be. But, i tried. Just like, everyone of you, sitting in front of a ghost machine, I prayed everyday to the Almighty, to bless me with eternity and love. I spent most of my life on the beach. You busy people might not have noticed me while I was on the beach. Every grain of sand, every atom of the dust, they were all my friends. Except kids, every single person on this earth looked at me as a worthless piece of paper. They were right. I am not a plastic. So I know, I won't have eternity in life but still hoped for the minimum possible love.

There she came.... came with bare foots and uncombed hair. The angel of my life. Her dress and feet were full of beach sand. I thought, either she might have played in the beach for a long time or lied down on the sand and cried . I could see evanescent tears near her eyes. I tried to cry for her too but I could not. I do not have eyes that can cry, like her. The moment she saw her mom, she ran to her and started to cry again. 'Mummy, I lost pinku'. Pinku?? Huh.. What a God damn name!!. I could not stop giggling inside. I have never seen a child crying so much for a balloon.

Love at first sight!! Believe it or not, she liked me the moment she saw me. By the time i realized that, i was lying in the arms of my beloved angel. I had a feeling that i was blessed with a million lives to live and I had already lived 200001 years in love. It was eternity at its best, eternity at Chennai. She winked at me. That's it. I became a genius, the legend of the generation, an everlasting symbol of happiness. You know... there can be as much value, in the blink of an eye, as in years of rational analysis. I started to speak and write poems that rhymes. But I could speak only vowels like 'Aaaa', 'Eeee :) ', 'Ooooo', 'Iiii', 'Uuuuu' in front of her. Heaven is not a place. It is not time. It is the state of being loved.

She told me that I worry too much. Though I was smiling from the moment i saw her, she kept on telling me that I ought to smile more. So, me watching, she took a crayon, came at me and said "Why so serious?". She put the crayon on my face, laughed while she was drawing and said "Let's put a SMILE on that face'. Deep inside, I felt very happy for her. She is a die hard fan of 'The Dark Knight'. Her smile was beautiful too. It was like a bridge connecting both the heaven and earth. I only could not find where the heaven stopped and earth began.

She added colors to my life, the colors that cannot be caught in Nikon D3X or Canon EOS-1Ds. She even drew my nose like Pinku. I saw the lonely glance in her eyes when she drew Pinku. But then, she was my only chance. I fell hopelessly in love with her. She should have loved Pinku so much as I loved her. All those colorful memories left crimson traces of love in my heart. I started to fly... I was flying in the air, for the first time. She made me fly, showed me the world, the gateway to heaven. She in turn felt happy for me too. Her mother was also happy, seeing us playing together!!. I danced for her in the air and she liked that. Some dance to remember.... some dance to forget. I danced to remember, to relish on small pleasures and to revel in the pure love she showered upon me.

Life is a see-saw. Anything that goes up must come down. In my case, the catastrophe came in the form of strong winds. She lost grip on me. I started falling down. She came running for me. I wanted to hold her and say ' please don't leave me'. My sand friends could not help her to run fast. Her efforts went in vain. I felt all the world's pain in my every vein. She cried and cried again, but this time like a thundering rain. The heaven started crying for us too as it always does through rain. In her tears, the twilight faded on the horizons. She shouted and cursed at every drop of rain that fell on me, not because i could catch cold. She feared that I could not smile anymore. That was the last thing I saw, last thing i remember, before the dark night came between us and defined the Point Of No Return. From then, I am flying towards my final destination, without a control.

Only very few people in this world, will make you feel like flying. No matter how far you fly, No matter how much height you go, your life will be controlled by an invisible thread called 'Love' in the hands of your loved ones. It is only in the mysterious equations of Love, any new logical reasons can be found. I feel lucky and thankful to have recollected some happy moments of my life. I only wish, I could see her smile again. I know, it is not possible. Definitely not possible for 'A Hopeless Kite' like me.

The audience are waiting for the last roll of the die. The funny part is, I am still smiling. And you.... Hey you.... WHY so serious? :)


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