Saturday, May 2, 2009

Go Green, Save Earth

Global warming is alarming. Global terrorism is on the rise. We are part of that terrorist network too - We kill the ozone layer, the greenhouse gases, forests that support sanity of all existing flora and fauna on earth using red hot sulphuric acid and other chemicals. Yet, We wish our children and our grand children to enjoy life like we do or even in a better way. But, all our current actions and needs indirectly work together to eliminate the biosphere - that protection zone for earth. We are not ignorant of these terrible facts, but we continue to do them unconsciously.

"When consciousness is watching us, we certainly do not need any rules and regulations". But we are not conscious always. We are in love. "I love the sky.. I love the trees.. I love the flowers.. I love the seas.". We hear people saying this all the time. But our real love is in our Computers, Ipods and TV Serials - the one that kills 24 Hours. We care less than two cents about the mother nature and it's baby earth.

With the culmination of civilization, luxury is required for the pursuit of happYness. Even the educated people are uneducated by advertisements. We all have become slinkies. Advertisements educate us on our needs. With all the sophisticated technologies and globalization, the entire world is now available for sale - in a shopping mall, in Internet. But, money cannot buy either happiness or love. Fortunately, we have started loving money and with all due respect to money and love, we are still searching for the right shop where we can buy happiness.

People are money minded. We take pride and pleasure in growing 'Money' plants in jars, in our balcony. Unfortunately, there is no money tree that can give dollars or rupees instead of fruits or flowers. We feel heaven in spending money for luxury which we think, could bring us little happiness. We proudly call ourselves 'Children of Heaven' unaware of the fact that there is a cost (cause??) behind our every action. A cost that causes irrecoverable damage to Heaven - The place where we live - The Earth.

Whatever happens, the earth will remain but there may not be any life on earth. There will be no election on year 2602. There will be no world war 3. There will be no Genocide. They are all dependant on ecology. If the current situation of environmental exploitation exists, Life on earth will no longer be beautiful.

If only the last tree is cut into pieces,
If only the last flower is crushed,
If only the last fish is dead,
If only the last sea is poisoned,
Will we realize that
We cannot eat money?

We all long for a happy living. Everyone of us have different needs, desires, opinions, priorities etc. Ipods, Iphones may seem luxurious to a part of this society but at the same time, another part of the society may treat BMW, Pulsar 300CC as a basic comfort for them. All through the life, we have learnt to respect the dissimilarities between us. In this aspect, we are all like theatre screens. We accept all characters and remain peacefully white in our hearts. We only need to be little more consious in making the best use of all the things we possess.

Energy can neither be created nor be destroyed. For that matter, we cannot accept our reclessness in wasting energy in any form. Wastage of natural resources lead to environmental pollution which is a chain process. It creates an avalanche reaction. Without the lightening flashing, thunder crashing, trees burst into flames - A forest fire. Thick smoke coils up and fills the sky. Deforestation which is a major contributor for global warming should be controlled. Trees are like people too. Some stand alone and free, some belong to a group. They never say a word, but there is always a music, a beautiful silence called Love, amongst the trees in the garden.

The need of the hour is to make this world a better place to live, not only for us, but for all the future generations to come. This is possible only through creating the awareness among different group of people in the society. If we are planning for ten years, we can plant a tree. We need to plan for a lifetime of generations. For that, we ought to educate people. For a better world, we need a better YOU. Will you help spreading this message?

'Get... Set... GO Green'.

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