Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Why do we fall?

Why do we fall? Is gravity responsible for it? Is it the result of any unbalanced force acting on us from within or outside? Is it simply because fate wants others to laugh at us? Or is it because of the mysterious and magical love?

A fall could make us laugh or cry. When somebody physically falls in front of us, most of the time, we laugh at least for a second, trying to hide our expressions. If the same happens to us, we feel ashamed of ourselves, get up and move on as though we do not mind others watching on us. In either case, a fall gives us a lesson. Falling is a part in the process of learning. Everytime we fall, we learn to pick ourselves up.

When we talk about 'fall', the best example i could think of is a child. When a child first attempts to stand up on his own, he obviously falls down. What happens next? The child looks around. Is he looking for his Mom or Dad to help? Is he ashamed of himself? No, the child actually learns to mind his surroundings when he falls. The child remembers how he failed and what made him fall. Next time, he gets the grip from the walls or any object and tries to stand up again and in a few attempts he succeeds.

As grown up and matured minds, we fall more number of times than a child does on a single day. If someone meets someone, the next moment, they fall in love :D . We fall away in our thoughts. We fall back our promises. We fall behind time, at work and chase our dead lines. We fall out over our responsibilities. We fall for money and finally we fall through life. Apart from this, we fall especially at the entrance of the office :), while walking on steps, boarding bus or when hit by an auto-rikshaw. Though we are alive, we do not live every moment. Isn't it?

Do we still have the child's spirit in us? How many times do we try before we give up? How much sweat do we shed to achieve our goals? A setback or failure is nothing more than a fall. Ofcourse, a setback can bring in a little sadness. But, sadness is not a bad thing at all. It is a healthy emotion and it is different from depression. The road to success will have some sharp bends, ups and downs. Everytime we fall, we need to bounce back. Instead of worrying about the problems, focus on the solution. As you do, you move towards your goal, as surely as day follows night.

Next time, when you fall or fail, mind your surroundings. There is a scope for learning all the time and in all the situations. Let's learn from our mistakes
and soon others will start to learn from our success.

Repeat - Why do we fall? To learn to pick ourselves up.

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