Friday, April 17, 2009

The Rockfort Express Will be Arriving Shortly ...

It was a noisy and hot friday, the 17th of April. I ran at the last moment to catch the 6.45PM bus. As the bus moved towards the gate, I could see a lot of smiling faces seated near the window. They were all looked happy. They should also be going to their native tonight, I said to myself. But, that didn't give me any reason to feel happy. I missed the bus by ten lazy seconds. I waited for the 7:30PM bus and more importantly, I had to reach Egmore before 10:30PM.

It was around 8:45PM then and I knew, I could not rely on town buses. So, I boarded on an auto rickshaw. For some reasons, the auto and the driver looked familiar to me. The auto had a strange number on it '6177' and with the name "Trailblazer" written on the front. The driver had Nokia 5611 and he was talking to his girl friend. He was explaining to her that they were married two thousand centuries before. He told, he waited for her outside the office around 6:30PM on the same day. He spoke stupendous words as though he always lives in his imagination. I then realized, fiction and imagination are part of real life. It was a pleasure listening to his conversations though it was a bit noisy on the roads. It reminded me about Love which I had forgotten years ago. The driver dropped me at the station around 10:10PM. To me, he is a safe driver though he charged ten rupees extra than what the meter said.

As I said earlier, it was a noisy day. Noise is like alcohol to the mind. We ought to look for peace and stability all through the noises of life. When I was thinking about this in the fiction of my mind, I heard this loud and noisy announcement from behind "Rockfort Express will be arriving shortly on Platform number 3". It was 10:20PM. The announcement went for the second time. My adrenaline went high on blood and I really wanted to hit the announcer right on her face. I was standing there on platform 3 with an unhappy and deeply troubled mind. I looked all around. None of the people around me remained quiet. They were all chatting, talking to their friends or playing with their new ringtones. They looked like all dancing, all singing, crap of the world. Thanks to Tyler Durden. The announcement went on air for the third time. It continued like a long and incessant beep sound.

Then, there existed silence for a fraction of split second around 10:23PM. I heard her humming from behind. She did not break the silence. She did not stop the other noises. She was humming beneath her breathes. But still, I could hear that voice, the most beautiful voice in this wide world. It was not AR Rahman's 'Jai Ho'. Her voice itself was a music to me. I should say, it was where Mozart failed. It was so divine. Like a butterfly flittering from one flower to another, she looked through my eyes.By chance, she didn't look away for a second.Her eyes looked like the pinnacle of nature's beauty. She blinked her right eye to let down a drop of sweat bead floating on her eye brow. It did not fall. In fact, it did not want to fall.

We stood like one of the railway tracks there, waiting for the train and separated by a small distance. I marvelled at every beautiful second, I spent, waiting for the train. The train reached and halted around 10:26PM. I slowly moved towards my compartment SX10. Just like that, she was gone. There were no noises in my mind. I was conscious but without any thoughts. I sat near the window and started looking out for her. What happens only in movies, happened in real life and that too to me on that day. To my surprise, she was sitting next to me. I looked at her, slightly thrilled inside and with a smile. She smiled back at me which was so fast that even a humming bird would not follow. Her magic was seated on her smile.

The journey of 316 kilometres started with a big smile around 10:40PM. The train was delayed by 10 mintues that day. Though she looked tired, she did not go to sleep directly. She started reading books. It was a book on Poems, written by one of the world famous poetesses. I do not remember the name but I remember the Auto driver mentioning the poetess's name to his friend in Mumbai over the phone. I didnt sleep either. I was watching all her activities and she noticed that too. My feelings for her was almost palpable. I was waiting to call my mom at 12'O Clock to wish her "Happy Birthday".

'Jai Ho' song came from her upper berth exactly at 12 AM. 'yes Amma' she whishpered slowly. "Happy Birthday Madhu" - A chorus reply came from the other end. I could hear that loud and clear. My heart started beating faster. It started slowly at first and then accelerated. I dwelt in the state of undescribable bliss for 2 reasons. Her name is 'Madhu' too and she celebrates her birthday with my mom - April 18th. I spoke to my Mom around 12:15 and wished her. April 18th has always been a special day in my life. That year, it was extra special and more memorable.

Time passed 2AM. There were no more noises. Even the noise created by the passing trains seemed to be a distant melody. I could not sleep. I heard the words "Bring back The FIREWALL" as if spoken inside my chest. But, I could not. She had cut through all the mental resistances of mine and she was staying there in my thoughts. I was rewinding and playing the scenes that happened from the moment i saw her at the station and until i found her full name on the passenger list. The love seed which she sown in my heart started to sprout in my sub-conscious mind.It was around 3AM and I felt asleep in the unceasing rhythm of time.

I was awakened by the distant announcement "Rockfort Express will be arriving shortly on platform number 1". It was around 5:30AM in the morning. It took me a while to remember where I was. Train had crossed Srirangam, Ponmalai and was moving slowly towards Trichy Junction. The compartment looked more drab and empty. Just like that, she was gone again. I had nothing to worry. I had to remind myself that 'some birds are not meant to be caged'. I hoped to meet her again. After all, it's a sumaaal world. Isn't it? It was 5:40AM. I could see lot of happy faces. I was happy too. Trr..tring Trring..... Call from my home. "Kokki, where you at?". I did not reply. My mom could hear the announcement - "Rockfort Express has arrived on Platform number 1". Happy April 18th :)

Disclaimer: Except my mom's birth date, everything is fictional.

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