Thursday, April 23, 2009

Love Vs Computers

Love is the essence of Life. In the digital era, human beings evolved, evolved, wisely evolved that they forgot the very essence of life. Love is still a part of the complex number called life. Not as a real part but as an imaginary part. Multiple definitions for Love exists in dictionaries, movies, google and computers. If you ask me "What is Love?', I would say, "It is a memory resident, boot virus". Love virus affected computers and since then........

Love is mobile. Love is wireless. Love is in air. Not in the air that you breathe in and out. Though it was buried deep inside the ground, with the burden of all the sadness and happiness in this world, it is still alive in the air high above the ground. Those who are alive could not see it. Those who were dead, they are still searching for it. Only the satellites, mobile towers or antennas can see Love. People see love in the form of signals that only their computers, laptop or TV can interpret.

We ought to possess objects and love people. But that never happens. People are tired of possessing people. So, they have started loving computers, ipods, mobiles. I love my computer too. Most of friends live in computers. Computers find us new friends, buddies, dudes, whoever or whatever. Friends are available, some times busy or away from computers. Only, when the status is 'do not disturb', the message is for us. Some stay invisible. A few always have false status messages on computers too "My computer is lying.. I am not online". :)

Like love, Computers understand many languages.Java, Mainframes, SOA, BPEL, SQL, DB2, Oracle, Wily are easy for us too, to understand than love of people. Though we write poems or article about love, all our true love lies beneath the computer keyboards. Programming has become a lot easier than humanity. When a fire alarm goes, people are busy in saving their files because they do not know how to save their lives. They panic, only when the data is gone or when there is a compilation error. When the network is down or slow, they get frustrated and show no mercy only to the 'Enter' key. People don't criticize themselves for anything, no matter how wrong it may be. All they know is 'Press any key to continue'. 'Home' should be the only key that is least used by most of us. I doubt, whether that key is noticed at least once in a day. Probably, the 'Escape' key is the one loved by all of us. Isn't it?

Even at home, we work in Microsoft's Office as though we are CEO of Microsoft. We do not have time to attend friends marriages or neighbor's home functions. We dont even bother to show up and say 'Hi'. We play ping pong, Chess, Cricket, Volley ball, foot ball everything in Computer as a single player or multiple player. We plug Ipod, DigiCams, webcams, mobiles, dvd players, USB, and play movies in a few clicks. Computer gives Real Player, Power DVD, Winamp, foobar etc for Home theater experience. It gives facebook, orkut, Linkedin, blogs for social networking and fun. Our work, our entertainment, our games, our so called love everything is in computers.

Our family lives in computers too. We set our spouse's name, lover's name as password which we often forget. We set our relationship status in Orkut as single, committed, married. Truly, Orkut has become superior to birth certificates. We say, 'Good Morning', 'Have a nice Week ahead' to all our friends each day, via forward emails as though we are programmed to do so. Family functions start with a website design and collecting email addresses and ends with a gentle email reminder. Albums are uploaded in Orkut, picasa, flickr. Memories are eternal, when they are stored in computers and they are always available online. Monthly expenses, Loans, Bank Accounts, Insurance policies, Credit Cards, daily schedules, alarms, birthday reminders, etc. etc. everything is in computers.

Computers are in fact a good replacement for love. The first one is difficult to find. But, once you find one, you will find more smarter ones, just around the corner. Computers can be considered as synonym for Love. Only difference, I could see is, unlike love, Computers are found everywhere. Trees, Crows, Ants, flowers, vegetables everything will learn to live with computers in future because the future itself is certain only for computers.Giga bytes have become temple and Tera bytes have become the God. Antivirus and Firewall are other Gods too. No wonder, soon someone may claim that God and Computers are twins. May be, Love will get a new definition as 'The Twelfth Generation computers'.

What is Love? It is a nice post ;) No, No.. You are getting it wrong again. It is what computers have become.

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