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WHO AM I? I am Batman, left hand batsman :). A little more seriously, WHO AM I? An egoist? an egotist? an ambivert? an altruist? Spiderman? Everyone has multiple talents in them and at least a minimum of two personalities. One is what you see and what you believe. The other one, he never shows and you will never know. Just like the 'whoami' command in Unix operating systems that give the current user, I am here going to point out a few things about history of Firewall. Firewall is not just a fancy name. It's my identity. FYI, $whoami command is different from $user command.

I am a mixture of all of the above said characteristics and a few I have not mentioned here. When I first began to think about life, I had a vision that, every person in his lifetime, adds some value to the society or at least to his family and friends. In such way, no single individual in the society is isolated. We always are a part of the society. I also wanted to do something good for my family and friends. That's when I started to call myself Altruist_Sudhan.

Anything you want to achieve, the hardest part is in getting started. I faced so many problems when I started my life as Altruist_Sudhan. There wasn't any beginner's luck. I didn't know what was within my reach. I used to type some inspiring quotes and stick them on my Bi-Cycle bar cover. I started to count how many good things I do each day. By then, i slowly started to understand the bad things that happen in the outside world. You need not be an expert to learn bad things. They come to you with so much ease. But, you need a strong force within to keep them outside your limits.

I love this quote "winners do things differently". I tried to be different and unique. I became "Trailblazer_Sudhan". A welcome change for the betterment. Trailblazer_Sudhan had more plans than Altruist_Sudhan. I started listening to people, their problems and he had more time to think as well. Trailblazer could re-define the altruistic strategies and came with more rules and morals. I started to follow a regular schedule for my day to day activities like going to temples, reading Bible and being at home on all SUNDAYs. With so much rules to follow, the force that drove me started coming down exponentially.

Aggressiveness and a deep burning fire were missing to keep the drive. It was time for Warhorse_Sudhan to replace Trailblazer_Sudhan. Warhorse was a very good self-motivator and a good athlete. You need motivation more than glucose to run continuously for 2 hours. Warhorse was more optimistic and even if things go wrong, he could still look for something good in it and hopes for quick recovery. Warhorse could accept criticism and never thought twice to say if something is wrong. I never felt bored, never got excited over achievements and only believed that happiness is just a state of mind. Warhorse_Sudhan loves to be alone but never stayed away from home. As Warhorse, I could do almost anything with passion.

When warhorse_sudhan had to stay away from home for work, it was a bit hard. There was no control. Of course, there was freedom but without security. Once out of home, you are vulnerable to multiple attacks. You become like a PC connected to a public network without any administrators monitoring over you. Moreover, maintaining the legacy's reputation is vital. Warhorse_sudhan turned out to be Firewall_Sudhan.

After a few months, managing life outside Trichy became quite simple. I was alone but not lonely. I know what is good because i know what is bad. I do what I feel is right and not what is right. What is right for me may be wrong for someone. You can consider others but cannot convince them all. Justice should be balanced. Firewall dont need any boosts to achieve what he wants. The adrenaline remains high in the blood.

எரிமலை வெடிக்கையில் நீருண்ட மேகங்கள்
சில பூக்களும் எரியும் நான் கண்ட சோகங்கள்
எரிந்த பூக்கள் வான் கொண்ட விண்மீன்கள்
புதிய செடிகளுக்கு எருவாகும் நான் கண்ட காயங்கள்
நாட்டையே அழிக்கும் கண்கள் சொல்லும் போதை
நச்சுக்காடுகளை அழிக்கும் போது நான் கடந்து வந்த பாதை
சில பறவை கூடுகளும் அழியும் சோதனைகள் சூழ்ந்தாலும்
அழிந்த போதும் அது தர்மமாகும் சாதனைகள் தொடரும்
தயங்கி நிற்பதே அதர்மம் இனி... ... சரவெடி
- Samuraai - Firewall_Sudhan

Firewall's motto is simple. "Save the Firewall Legacy".Face the attacks, but not let anyone who believe in you go down. Character and Relationships are more important than your own goals and achievements.

You become what you think you are. It's not who you are underneath. What you do defines you. There are so much to tell. Whatever life holds in store for me, I will never forget these words: "With great power comes great responsibility." This is my gift, my curse. Who am I?

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