Tuesday, March 31, 2009

The Greatest Battle

This world in its existence has seen many battles and wars. The frequency of wars have come down with the evolution of mankind. Still they remain a threat. With all the sophisticated technologies and the nuclear weapons available now, a war could be a potential end or a new beginning. But, what worries us the most is the battle that happens within us - The Neural War.

Definitely, this is not only the fight between the heart and the mind. The heart always tells what it wants and the mind decides on how to achieve it. The heart clashes with the mind only in love or despair. When in love or despair, whatever we do, it strikes some chord in our heart that vibrates in our mind. Apart from this, there also happens the internal war between the two states of our own mind.

Needless to say, that our mind is our own battle field. Whenever I say mind, it means what we think, our thoughts. Fear and confusion are the main players here. What do we fear? Voidness, Darkness, loneliness, Ghosts, God?? No. We fear what we do not understand. We fear the choices we make. we fear the consequences and the impacts on us, our friends and relatives. The mind analyzes the situation and tries hard to come up with a result. Experience makes it easy for the brain to compare the current situation with prior events or patterns and help us in taking a wise decision. When there is an ambiguity in the comparison process,i.e choosing between two goods or two bads, we end up in confusion.

There is a popular saying "What the eyes see, the mind believes". Most of the time, we have two minds about anything we see. One analyzes what is good or fair and the other looks for what we desire or dream. That's why sometimes we see what we imagine and not what is real. These two states of mind can be considered as two different universes staying so close to each other and having their own powers. When these two great forces meet, it will be a game with serious and dangerous risks. It is more like an unstoppable force meeting an immovable object - The Greatest Battle. The transformation from confusion to madness or dead lock happens during this battle.We fight against our own instincts and our emotional feelings start to take over.

Our central nervous system is the CPU for our human body. Do not play the game longer.This will result in high CPU utilization causing wear and tear on the brain vessels. When you are struck in a thought process or too much worried, just give a break. It doesn't mean that you are giving up on what you are trying. Try to avoid overloading the CPU with all your problems. Without the CPU, the power house (heart) takes no value. Apart from physical exercises, do some mental exercises as well. Practise Yoga, listen to music, feel silence and peace, sleep well. There is a proverb, "A Sound mind in a sound body". The vice-versa is true as well. A sound mind makes a sound body. When you are down with fever or physically tired, it is not only the medicines or tablets that make you stand up. The mind gives the command which we call "The Will Power" or "Hope".

Once you gain control over your internal minds, you can fight with greater power against any external forces. The heart never grieves for what the eyes see because you achieve what you think. The mind and the eyes see the same thing. You wont get confused often and you start to take things easy. You remain calm and strong while your mind fights against the minds of your opponents. You start to win only when your opponent starts losing his mind. In case, if you lose, say to yourself
"Let's fight one more time, the best and the last".

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