Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Onions Vs Memories

Certain things are lost for ever. But, not from our memories. Wounds heal but the scars remain. That's how memories exist. The scars act as keys to fetch buried memories. Most of the time, the human brain co-relates different things and forms the key. From there, it is a reverse traversal and the mind visualizes the main event and the heart feels the pain and wets the eyes again.

Onions on the other hand do the same. We peel off its outer layer and cut it into small pieces. The more you cut its cells, the more it stinks. The more you try to peel off and throw away, the more it makes you cry.

We come across onions and memories every day in our life. How can we overcome the irritation/pain the onions/memories bring into our eyes/mind? Hold on here and think for a minute.

A cool winter evening
On a roadside tea shop...
We ordered onion bajji
with a plateful of mutton chop.

We cracked all crap jokes
without minding the nearby folks
It was all fun
and we left one by one.

All those moments come in my eyes
Whenever I see onion fries
Sometimes tears pop out and fall
That's when you start to recall.

Onions make you cry
If you cut them dry
Onions give flashbacks for free
I like to cut onions, I agree. ;)

Bright stars twinkling at night
Fleet of birds moving out of sight
Full moon passing through the clouds
Super Star movies that draw cheering
Green grasses with drops of dew
Drifting cars that are brand new
A walk in the green lawn
And the list goes on..
All these pleasing things..
Smart and wonderful
Brilliant and beautiful
Remind me about you!!
Just make me sad.

For onions, keep them in a vessel containing water for about 10 minutes. At least, you can give a rinse in cold water before you start cutting. You can wear goggles to protect the gas substance that onions give off from reaching your eyes. Beware when you use sharp knife to chop onions. A little distraction here could end up cutting your fingers and create more bad memories :).

It is human beings natural tendency to get and forget things, if they are good. Only in case of bad memories, it becomes little hard to come out of the dead lock in the brain. But nothing is impossible. We need to always have a positive look on bad memories. We cannot change the memories but we can change the meaning they give. In fact, bad memories could be good lessons to us. Life is a test. We cannot avoid bad memories and a few we cannot forget in our life time. Rejoice, we always have a choice to ignore them. Never regret a thing that made you smile once.

- Firewall_Sudhan

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